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Okay, but what happens when I click “Add to Slack”?

You will be asked by Slack to authorize Meekan’s robot to join your Slack team. He will appear as a new bot user, and will DM you a short welcome message with some instructions to get started.

Meekan will not message other people or join any of your team’s channels, until you /invite him to join.Some teams prefer to create a new #scheduling channel, and invite him there to keep the scheduling chatter out of the main conversation channels.

Why is the robot asking me to connect my calendar?

Meekan is a scheduling assistant, so he needs access to your calendar to find out when you’re busy, add new meetings at your command, and let you know if you double booked a spot by mistake (and tons of other things). We don’t share your calendar info with others – not on your team, and certainly not with outsiders, just your free/busy state when asked for a specific meeting to be organized.
We take your privacy very seriously, see our full policy hereĀ 

What else can he do?

Refer to this page for the full list of possible commands, and let us know how it goes: [email protected]


Meekan will send you a welcome email when you join (and one more goodbye mail if you leave). Can’t wait to start scheduling with you!