Meekan for Microsoft Teams Manual

Here’s the full list of commands Meekan’s robot can understand

Remember: you don’t have to memorize any of these commands. Just talk to the robot and ask for what you need. If, for some reason, he seems to get confused over one of your requests, please email us about it at [email protected] and we’ll make sure to add it to his education program.
Basically, the robot can do any of these tasks, all without leaving Teams or switching to your calendar:

  • Find the best time to have a meeting, and sync it into everyone’s calendars
  • Reschedule meetings to a new time when someone can’t make it
  • Locate an available conference room, and book it for your meeting
  • Edit or cancel existing meetings
  • Tell you how busy you are tomorrow (or Thursday, or next week), and give you a list of all the meetings you have (which you can cancel, or reschedule or, well you get the point)
  • Warn you when two of your meetings overlap on the same time, and offer to move or cancel either
  • Search and book cheap, convenient flights to anywhere

Connecting a calendar

To get started, Meekan needs access to your calendar. This will let him check when you’re free or busy to meet others, sync new meetings into your calendar, and notify you about changes and invitations you received. To get started, just tell Meekan:

meekan connect me and Meekan will send you a private message with a link to your calendars page. You can connect as many calendars as you need.

A word about your privacy: Meekan uses you calendar info to schedule meetings for you. He learns your preferred meetings times and work hours, and uses that info to suggest the optimal time for people who want a meeting with you. This information is never shared with anyone. When other team members ask Meekan to schedule with you, he’ll only reveal when you’re free or busy where it matches the other attendee’s free times, and never the actual calendar content (see our full privacy policy here)

Starting a new meeting

Make sure the robot is in your channel

Add the robot to the current channel, or just talk to him in a private chat

And ask for a new meeting

Just say it in plain English (start your request with “@meekan” to get his attention):

@meekan we want to have lunch next week

The robot will check everyone’s calendar for a free lunch spot next week, and will reply with a list of possible options. It could look something like this:

This is definitely the best option:
1 Next Tuesday, Apr 21 at 1:00 PM
These are also quite good:
2 Next Wednesday, Apr 22 at 1:00 PM
3 Next Wednesday, Apr 22 at 12:00 PM (Jake is busy at this time)
4 Next Monday, Apr 20 at 1:00 PM (Loren and Jake are busy at this time)

Now just book the meeting with the option you like best:

Book 1

Meekan will sync everyone’s calendars with the new meeting. That’s it! You’re good to go.

Some other types of requests you can try

Schedule a video chat. Just ask for it, and instantly also get a link to the chat room:

@meekan can we have a quick video chat tomorrow?

Set up a meeting with specific people (as opposed to meeting everyone on the channel):

@meekan schedule lunch with @john and @amy

Ask Meekan to find an available room for your meeting (see more below, in the “Schedule a room for your meeting” section):

@meekan schedule a meeting next week, and please add a room

Ask for something with more details:

@meekan, schedule a all-hands meeting tomorrow afternoon with john, dan and ron at the blue office, duration 15 minutes

Talk to Meekan on ta private chat, and insert a reminder into your calendar:

@meekan remind me to pick up the dry cleaning today at 6pm

Or ask him to look in your calendar:

@meekan how busy am I on Thursday?

[Pro tip: if you’re on a private chat, you don’t need to start your sentenced with “@meekan”. The robot is always listening to you]

If something changes (maybe someone can’t make it?), it’s easy to move the meeting to a new time. Just say

@meekan reschedule

and continue from there! (See more about rescheduling below)

Getting help

@meekan help

At any time, just ask for help to get a list of available commands (and a link to this page)

Contact support

If something doesn’t work as expected, the robot’s not on his best behavior, or to ask us to teach him new stuff, don’t hesitate to email us at support. We take your requests very seriously. Really. Try it now.

While organizing a meeting

Adding more time suggestions manually

While Meekan is trying his best to find the optimal time options for your meeting, you possibly might want to add some more options manually. Just ask Meekan for more, he will add them to the list one at a time. Any of these can work: add one next week, add Tuesday 9:30am, more on Monday

Once added, these options are part of the list and everyone can vote for one of them.

Voting on your favorite option

vote 3
Everyone can vote on their favorite time option, Meekan will tally the votes and announce the winner. If Meekan gets a unanimous vote on one of the option, he will book it automatically, otherwise the organizer needs to  book one of the options to finalize and sync to everyone’s calendars. Voting is really optional, and depends on how your group likes to schedule meetings.


Adding, inviting and removing people from the current meeting:

skip or skip @john or skip me
Remove someone from the current meeting being organized (You may also use remove to do the same).  If no name is specified, it means “skip me”, otherwise the user you named will be removed. If needed, Meekan will re-calculate the slots to see if better time options emerge for the new group of attendees.

add or add @john or add me
Add someone to the current meeting being organized (You may also use invite to do the same).  If no name is specified, it means “add me”, otherwise the user you named will be invited. As with removing users, Meekan will re-calculate the slots to see if better time options emerge for the new group of attendees.

invite [email protected]
To invite another guest to the meeting from outside your Team, use their email address. If their calendars are connected to Meekan, the time options will be recalculated to count them in. When the meeting is finalized, they will also receive an invite over email (coming soon: The robot will communicate with them over email for their preferences)

Time zones

show in my timezone or show in london or show in gmt+2
Let’s say John from New York asked for a new meeting. The time suggestions will be shown in his time zone. But now Ian from London, who is also on the team, wants to know if the times are good for him as well, being all the way on the other side of the ocean. Tell Meekan: show in london to see the British version of the list.

Pro tip: If your team is in different time zones, try to give Meekan the whole day to find the best time for a meeting. Something like:

@meekan we need a phone call tomorrow

Meekan will now not only consider your free time slots, but will also attempt to calculate the best time for the entire team (so that everyone is within his local work hours, and no one has to wake up at 3am).

If your time zone is not set correctly, just say @meekan change my timezone and get a quick link to your settings screen.

Other meeting details:

To get some more time suggestions

name lunch
Name this meeting “lunch” (otherwise the robot will give the meeting a default name he likes)

note Just a quick get-together
Add notes to this meetings, to be saved on its calendar entry

duration 30 minutes
Change the meeting duration (it’s set by default to 1 hour)

Abort the current meeting, and don’t sync it. Just forget about it.

who is invited
Show the current list of people invited to the meeting you’re organizing now (you can also say invitees or attendees or list invitees – they all work the same.

Booking a meeting

When you tell Meekan to book a meeting, he will insert it into your calendar (Just like you would do manually, if you didn’t have a helpful robot for this), and invitations will go out to all your invitees (including the room, if you added one to your meeting).
Say book 1 or book 3 to pick a specific time suggestion.

Say book it to pick what Meekan thinks is the optimal option (based on ranking and on any votes casted by your invitees).

Booking a meeting into a different calendar

Say book 1 into [email protected] to book this meeting into one of your other calendars instead of into your default one (you can set your default calendar in your settings screen).

Schedule a room for your meeting

Note that rooms are only currently support for Google Apps users, with Office 365 coming soon.
Use your settings page to let Meekan know about the available rooms you have. Meekan can then look up and match an available room for your meeting, and book it for you.

Setting up your available rooms list

First, you need to go to your settings page (say @meekan settings to get your link) and add some rooms that the robot can work with. Go to the Meeting rooms section, and add at least one room.
If you’re the team’s Google Apps administrator, you can automatically import all your rooms into the settings (click on “Import rooms from Google”). After you import it, the room’s list will be available for your entire team to pick from. This should be much quicker than adding them manually.

Scheduling a room for your meeting

Now, if you need to add a room to any of your meetings, mention it by its name, or better, just ask generally for a room, and let Meekan search through all the rooms and find one that’s available and matches your meeting time. Let’s see some examples:

@meekan schedule a meeting tomorrow, add a room

Meekan will now look in everyone’s calendars for the best time to meet tomorrow, and will also check all the available rooms, and suggest one of them that matches
Pro tip: Meekan tries them rooms in the order they appear in the settings page, so you might want to put your favorite rooms first

@meekan we need a meeting next week at green_room

This will direct Meekan to find a good time for a meeting next week, which will take place specifically in the room called “green_room”

When a meeting is already in progress, you can always add (or remove) a room request:

add a room or add green_room  will work, just like your adding another invitee to the meeting.

Find if a room is available

Just like you can ask about your own calendar (see “Checking your calendar” section below), you can ask about any room’s availability:

@meekan, how busy is green_room tomorrow?

Checking your calendar

You can ask Meekan all sorts of questions about your calendar. This lets you check your agenda without leaving Teams or having to switch apps just to see what’s coming up later today, or next week. Meekan can give you a quick run down, or a detailed list of everything you have lined up. You don’t have to actually memorize any of these commands. Simply ask, and be answered.

General questions

@meekan, how busy am I tomorrow?  or maybe @meekan, how am I doing next week?

And get a quick answer, like “Your schedule is wide open tomorrow”.

List questions

@meekan what’s next today?  and @meekan list my tomorrow’s meetings or @meekan show my schedule for thursday

Any of these, or similar will work. Just ask Meekan to have a look in your calendar, and get back a list of your meetings. You can of course ask to delete or reschedule any of them!

Note: Meekan will only answer these questions on a private chat (even if you asked in a public channel) to protect your privacy.

Rescheduling, editing and deleting

When not actively organizing a meeting, remember to start commands with meekan, to get the robot’s attention (He does not listen to the channel’s conversations until you ask him to)

Rescheduling meetings

@meekan reschedule or @meekan move or @meekan move my 6pm to Thursday

If you gave a general request, Meekan will give you a list of possible meetings that you organized, and you can choose to reschedule any one of them:
@meekan reschedule 2 or maybe move 2 to thursday

Renaming meetings

@meekan rename or @meekan rename this or @meekan rename tomorrow’s meeting

To change the name of a meeting that was already synced to the calendar

Editing other meeting details

To change any details of a meeting in your calendar

@meekan edit or @meekan edit my tomorrow meetings

Meekan will show a list of meetings that match your request, and you can pick the one you want to edit, and specify what you want to change. So you could for example say location my office to specify a new location, or maybe add @john to invite John to the party, or duration 5 hours to make more time for this event.

Note that you can only make changes to meetings that you created. Meeting that you’re invited to (but created by others) cannot be edited by you.

Deleting meetings

@meekan delete

This will delete an existing meeting from everyone’s calendars. The robot will list all the meetings organized by this channel, and you can select which one to delete:

delete 3

And whoops! It’s gone.


Stop or unsubscribe from all notifications types at once

Tell Meekan stop all (or even simpler, shut up) to make him stop notifying you. You can resume notifications with start all.
Starting or stopping notifications is set per Team (so you can stop receiving notifications in one of your teams, but keep on receiving them in a different one).
To make a setting affect all your Teams, use your settings panel (say @meekan settings to get a link, and make your changes under the Notifications section).

Calendar updates

Meekan will send you notifications whenever he spots things in your calendar that are worth mentioning – meetings that moved to a new date, RSVP requests you received, canceled meeting etc. To stop receiving notifications about calendar updates from Meekan, just tell him stop notifications (or start notifications to bring them back).

Conflicting  meetings

Whenever Meekan detects two conflicting meetings in your calendars (these are two or more meetings that were set for the same time), you’ll get a quick notification about it in a private chat with Meekan. If you don’t want to continue receiving these messages in that Team, say stop collisions (and start collisions to get them back).


Meekan will remind you about upcoming events in your calendar. He will look at the meeting information in your calendar to see what reminder you have set (this will usually be your calendar’s default setting, unless you added some more reminder later).
Note: Currently there is no way to set up reminder from within Teams, but it’s coming soon.

When you get a reminder, you can ask Meekan to snooze it. Say snooze 10 minutes to receive this reminder again.

You can also ask Meekan to send a message to all the invitees on your behalf: say Everyone, I’m 5 minutes late and Meekan will send this message to everyone on the meeting in a private chat. If some of the invitees are not on your Team, Meekan will also give you a link to quickly notify them by email.

To stop receiving reminders from Meekan, just tell him stop reminders and to start them again, say start reminders

Book Flights

Meekan is connected to the world’s flight database, and can quickly find flights to and from anywhere. Try something like:

find flights from SFO to Los Angeles next Tuesday

Meekan will respond with the cheapest flight, the one with the shortest route, and some other interesting results he comes up with.

To get results for a return trip, just add some information on your return date:  get me a flight from NYC to Geneva tomorrow, return in 1 week

Meekan is learning new things about flights every day. In the future he’ll be able to quickly match your favorite airline, seat and budget to your future schedule. If you have any requests or ideas about flight search and booking, we’re very interested to hear! Drop us a line: [email protected]

General Settings

@meekan connect me or @meekan connect @dan
To connect a new (or additional) calendars to Meekan. You really should have at least one calendar connected to enjoy Meekan’s scheduling super powers.

@meekan batch connect
(Only available for Google Apps calendars) Use this to connect your entire team in one go. You will need to be your team’s Google app admin to authorize calendar access (or you can forward the link to them).

@meekan settings
Get a link to your settings page. Here you can set things like your preferred working hours, weekends, visible calendars etc.

@meekan change my timezone

Get a quick link to update your time zone setting.

@meekan ping
Test to see if the robot is alive and connected

What’s new?

Keep up with the changes on the changelog