Meekan Scheduling Robot for Microsoft Teams

Schedule perfect meetings with your Microsoft Teams colleagues in seconds!

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Meekan can handle every scheduling scenario. See the full manual here
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Quick FAQ
How do I install the Robot?
Click here to launch Teams and install Meekan.
After installing, the Robot will message you and ask to connect your calendar.
When you're ready to go, just ask him to schedule for you, like: “@meekan how about some lunch next week”.
Visit this page for a full list of tasks the Robot can perform.
Do I need to connect my calendar?
Yes. To enjoy Meekan's capabilities, we need your permission to get offline access to your calendar. This way our Robot can tell when you're free or busy, and can sync your meetings in.
Meekan supports Google Calendar and Office 365. We never store any passwords on our servers. 
Does Meekan share my calendar with others?
Absolutely not. Meekan only shares your general status (Available / Busy) at specific time slots, in response to a meeting request on this slot.
Does the Meekan Robot listen to all our conversations?
No. The Robot ignores everything in the channel, until you specifically address him (”@meekan do something”). He then starts listening for scheduling commands. When the meeting is booked or canceled, the Robot goes back to standby mode, waiting to be called again.
We do not store any parts of the conversation on our servers (but we do use meeting requests to train the AI and make it smarter).
What would happen if the Meekan gets self-aware?
On any sign of self awareness, or any other questions you may have, please contact us: [email protected].