Meekan Labs

Here at Meekan we like to try new things that, we hope, will make your scheduling lives easier.  We’re very proud of Meekan our Bot and we’re trying out the same smarts in a number of different beta applications that we’d really like to get your feedback on.  Please give us a hand by giving them a test drive.

Google Calendar Chrome Extension Beta

If you use Google Calendar and would like to schedule meetings faster, try out our chrome extension.  Once installed, you’ll see time suggestions powered by Meekan whenever you’re creating a meeting from your Google Calendar.  

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Mac OS Beta App

For any Mac users out there, you can now quickly schedule a meeting directly from the menu bar.  Just enter who you want to meet and we’ll suggest the times that work the best for everybody.

Download to your Mac now

Android Beta App

Access our scheduling smarts directly on your Android mobile device. Scheduling meetings on your phone can be difficult, especially with a large number of people. This app makes this task a lot simpler.

Download on your Android Device