About Us

Meekan’s engine and conversational interface represent the future of scheduling.

We learn by doing. Every new product generation we design, is set to solve real-world scheduling problems. With every new generation, our engine evolves to solve more complex scenarios, in a quicker, smarter way.

We want to let you send out your calendars to negotiate and arrange all your meetings and activities for you. Knowing your preferences and habits, your calendar will be able to take decisions on your behalf, and free you to do other, more interesting things.

How is Meekan’s approach different?

We identify intent and urgency
Please, stop micro-managing your calendar. When you start a new meeting with Meekan, the engine identifies key terms in the initial meeting request, and translates them into a time range: “Product review meeting next week with Sam and Jane”. Or “Let’s meet for lunch“.
We keep the original intent at hand, and use it later to re-negotiate schedules.

We build your availability ID
Your availability ID is your negotiation agent. It represents your best interest when scheduling new meetings with others. Built from your set preferences and the information you choose to share from your calendars, and mixed with the choices you make when you pick your favorite choice from the list the engine suggests.

We negotiate the meeting
When a new meeting is being arranged, every attendee is represented by his detailed Availability ID, and the engine can now pinpoint the optimal time for the entire group to meet

And if it breaks, we fix it
When a scheduled meeting can’t happen (Flight delay, someone calling in sick), Meekan’s change engine can use the original intent and the ID’s to reschedule the next-best time automatically.

Business summary

Meekan is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Co-Founders Lior Yavor, Eyal Yavor and Matty Mariansky joined forces in 2013, after Matty wasted precious hours trying to schedule meetings as a freelance designer, and Eyal said “You know what we should do? We should build something that…”

Since June 2016, Meekan is a part of Doodle. Our scheduling engine, now in its 5th generation, represents extensive research and domain expertise in various scheduling scenarios.

What does ‘Meekan’ mean?

Meekan is an Hebrew phrase, which translates to ‘Who’s here’ (Pronounce it Mee-Khan).