meekan, find time for a quick phone call with Amy.
The world’s smartest AI scheduling assistant, matches everyone’s calendars in seconds
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How it works
Request a new meeting in plain English. Be as precise or vague as you want. Invite the whole team, or just yourself
Auto Match
Meekan’s advanced AI matches everyone’s available time, preferences and habits, and suggests the optimal time for your meeting
The new meeting gets synced into every invitee’s Google or Office 365 calendar
All this, plus Doodle polls, flight search, meeting reminders, rescheduling, RSVP's, double-booking alerts, calendar visualizations, and tons more!
meekan we need to set up a quick phone call tomorrow
Cool! So tomorrow with Jason, Dave, Amy and Ron
Matching calendars...

This looks like the best option:
1 Tomorrow at 2 PM

These are also quite good:
2 Tomorrow at 3:30 PM
3 Tomorrow at 10:00 AM (Amy is busy at this time)
4 Tomorrow at 11:30 AM (Dave is busy at this time)
book 2
Great! Booking it for tomorrow, 3:30 PM.
We're calling this meeting Phone call. No location was specified.

Success! All calendars synced.
Lightning fast
Ask Meekan for a new meeting in plain English:
meekan, we need a quick phone call tomorrow
Meekan matches everyone's calendars and preferences to find the best time options. He even knows about time zones, and makes sure no one will have to wake up at 3am to make your meeting.

Now just pick your favorite from the list:
book it
That’s it! You’re good to go. Meekan will sync it into everyone's calendars
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meekan reschedule tomorrow's meeting
Which meeting would you like to reschedule?
1 Orientation call - Tomorrow at 11 AM
2 Project launch - Tomorrow at 1 PM
move 1 to next week
This meeting was originally planned for sometime next week.
I have 3 alternatives for Orientation call
This is definitely the best option:
1 Monday next week, at 1 PM

These also seem to work:
2 Wednesday next week at 3:30 PM
3 Thursday next week at 2:30pm (Amy is busy at this time)
book 2
I'm on it! Moving Orientation call to Wednesday next week at 3:30 PM.

It's done! All calendars synced.
Someone can't make it? Just ask:
meekan reschedule
Meekan remembers your original intent, and will quickly find alternative slots that fit everyone's agenda.
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Teams worldwide use Meekan
52 sec
Median time to schedule a meeting
50 Million
Meetings analyzed and learned
What people are saying:
scheduling meetings in thousands of teams globally
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Quick FAQ
How much does it cost to use Meekan?
Meekan is free to use.
We only charge for the private-server version of Meekan. Contact us for more details about getting your own private instance of Meekan: [email protected]
Do I need to connect my calendar?
Yes. To enjoy Meekan's capabilities, we need your permission to get offline access to your calendar. This way our Robot can tell when you're free or busy, learn about your preferences, and can sync your meetings in.
Our Slack Robot supports Google and Office 365 calendars. We never store any passwords on our servers, and you can disconnect at any time from your settings page.
Does Meekan share my calendar with others?
Absolutely not. Meekan only shares your general status (‘Seems Available’ or ‘Seems Busy’) at specific time slots, in response to a meeting request on this slot.
Does Meekan listen to all our conversations?
No. The Robot ignores everything in the channel, until you specifically address him (”meekan do something”). He then starts listening for scheduling commands. When the meeting is booked or canceled, the Robot goes back to standby mode, waiting to be called again.
We do not store any parts of the conversation on our servers (but we do use meeting requests to train the AI and make it smarter).
What would happen if Meekan gets self-aware?
On any sign of self awareness, or any other questions you may have, please contact us: [email protected].